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New Era Dawning - download now

"Writing is very good - chops and playing are cool throughout - versatile and eclectic...good work - we'll forward [to the record company]."

TAXI reviewer #27

"Creativity: 10/10 ... no fall back here...creative in everything from progression ideas right down to lyrics."

Mr. D - Trax In Space

Thousands of full song versions were distributed world-wide on IUMA.com and Mp3.com (mostly IUMA), and much positive feedback was received. E-mail offers had even been received for press exposure and performance invitations from far off places like Brazil and Greece.

Pages with free mp3's:

Some Satisfaction


Five Billion Views

I'm Fighting

The Soul of the Forest

Walk a Fine Line

We Have Come to Teach


More songs on SongBay

"You guys can come back and play here anytime."

The Cabaret in San Jose, CA

"After sampling some [of your] music at IUMA I was impressed. I would like to get a hold of your CD for play on the air."

Dustin Hines, DJ, CKUL99.7

"I'm pretty impressed! If all you do is this good......you've got a fan here! How much to buy?"


Struggle Records

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